The majority of kitchens will feature MFC in one form of another.  We offer three leading brands of MFC in a variety of decors and sizes.

TreeLineTreeline is an extensive range of cut and edged MFC boards available in both plain colours and woodgrains suitable for a variety of end uses such as in kitchens, bedrooms and DIY.

The range consists of two thicknesses, 15mm and 18mm and a variety of panel widths.

All of the decors have matching ple-glued edging available in a 22mm thickness to finish any exposed edges.

Please see the leaflet here for more information on colours and sizes available.

 kronospanKronospan is one of the largest manufactuers of MFC and chipboard products in Europe.   It has an extensive offering of both texture and decors in four thicknesses.  These are 15mm, 16mm, 18mm and 25mm and in a sheet size of 2620 x 2070mm, with some decors in a 2800 x 2070mm.

For a complete offering of Kronospan products, please visit their website here.

EggerEgger is another huge manufacturer of MFC and chipboard products on the continent.  It also offers a very comprehensive range of chipboard panels in four thicknesses of 8mm, 15mm, 18mm and 25mm.  The panel size is 2800 x 2070mm.

For more information on the Egger range, please visit their website here.