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Representing a first-to-market innovation for Wilsonart, Aeon is setting a whole new standard in laminate worksurfaces.
Busy kitchens demand tougher surfaces – and that’s exactly what Aeon is; a range of super-hardwearing laminates that have been uniquely engineered to deliver higher performance, right where you need it. And there’s absolutely no compromise on style. Quite the contrary. Conveniently, the intensity of the Aeon  manufacturing process results in greater clarity, fidelity and colour to create the toughest, most vibrant range yet.

Why choose an Aeon worksurface?
• The Aeon range of high performance laminates is the most technologically advanced on the market.
• AeonTM worksurfaces are measurably harder and tougher than standard laminate worksurfaces – 3-5x tougher!
• Its super-hardwearing properties make Aeon perfect for busy, high traffic kitchens.
• As well as the performance enhancing benefits of Aeon, the technology produces a surface that features improved clarity, fidelity and colour too.
• Whatever your decor choice, your ultra-durable Aeon worksurface will stay looking like new for longer, even on gloss and dark coloured surfaces.
• Easy to handle and care for – Aeon reduces scuffing in transit, on the job site, during installation and long afterward.

Synergii Aeon


Please note:  The pictures and images above are a representation of each decor in the Aeon range.  The photos above were taken of the worktops on display in our showroom.  We strongly recommend that you view them in person in order to get the best impression of each colour and texture.


For more information on the Aeon range, please see the brochure here.


For a pdf version of the Aeon range card, please click here.