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Duropal is an extensive premium range of 61 laminate
                                             worksurfaces.  The entire range is comprised of 4100mm worktops
                                             with all having matching upstands and splashbacks.

                                                 STANDARD DECORS

         R24022 VV (R5336)         R20004 VV (R4101)          R30023 VV (R5151)         R20090 RU (R5836)
         White Beech Parquet       Natural Oak Block          Block Walnut              Lambrate

         R50003 RU (R5612)         R50004 RU (R5613)          R20036 FG (R4282)         R20065 NW (R4371)
         Clay Sangha Wenge         Natural Sangha Wenge       Chapel Oak                Dark Mountain Oak

         R55004 RU (R4531)          R45004 VV (R5638)         R20039 RU (R4285)         R30027 VV (R5989)
         Ponderosa Pine             Plum Butcherblock         Sonoma Oak                Woodmix Block

         R20273 MO                  R20274 MO                 R20231 FG (R5872)         R20016 VV (R4210)
         Natural Coppice Oak        Dark Coppice Oak          Torino Oak Nature         Harvard Oak Block

                            SIZES AVAILABLE

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