Maia Solid Surface Worktops

maia is a solid surface worktop. This is a hard synthetic material acrylic bonded onto a chipboard substrate. The worktops are jointed in a similar process to a regular laminate worktop (please see installation instructions) however, because of the solid surface, the worktops can be sanded smooth allowing for a seamless finish over the whole surface.

Installation Videos

Please have a look at this series of videos to see the installation process.

Measuring and cutting

Cutting the joint

Gluing and finishing the joint

Edging a maia worktop

Sink or Hob cutout

Maia worktops care, maintenance and refirbishment

Once installed, your worktops will require some attention in order to keep them in tip-top condition. Please see the video below.


To view the maia brochure, please click the image below.

Maia Installation, Care and Maintenance Manual

Before installing any maia worktops, please make yourself familiar with the installation and aftercare process. In order to validate your warranty, the installation instructions will need to have been adhered to. Please click on the image below in order to view them.


Maia Quick Start Guide

For an overview of the tools and process of installation, please click on the image below. Please note that this is just an overview and that the full Installation, Care and Maintenance Manual will need to be consulted in detail.