Maxtop Quartz Worktops

Setting a new standard within the kitchen industry, Maxtop is Europe’s leading manufacturer of modular quartz worktops. Made from solid quartz, Maxtop offers all the benefits of natural stone – strength, exceptional durability and a capacity to withstand high temperatures, along with a beautiful, stylish finish.
However, unlike heavy stone worktops, Maxtop’s unique honeycomb core makes it easier to handle and install. So you can get the look you want in less time, and with less fuss. Maxtop is 100% waterproof and highly resistant to scratches, marks and stains, allowing you to spend less time looking after your surface, and more time enjoying your kitchen. Stylish, durable, lighter and more affordable than traditional stone, Maxtop is quartz where it counts.

In order to see how Maxtop Quartz is installed, please see the video at the bottom of this page.

Maxtop Quartz is a modular worktop product. Please see the gallery below for the sizes available. These can then be modified to suit any kitchen layout.

Colours available

Please see below for the ten colours available.


Keep It Classic – Alba’s classical design softly echoes the veins and swirls of natural marble, for an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.


Bold, Beautiful, Brilliant – For a sophisticated aesthetic, Anthracite offers a clean, subtle design that is both modern and utterly timeless.


Comes Alive With Light – With bright, reflective flecks, Black Onyx Sparkle is a characterful and contemporary design that pairs perfectly with both muted tones and brushed-metal finishes.


Reflect Your Personal Style – Be dramatic with Black Mirror – a statement design that offers a unique, luxe finish for more contemporary kitchens.


Bring A Shine To Your Kitchen – Diamond White Sparkle is the perfect addition to a bright, airy kitchen space, featuring grey and diamond flecks that beautifully catch natural light.


Make It More Inviting – For those who love to entertain, Pewter Grey’s soft, dark tones create a warm, more relaxed ambience.


A Masterclasss In Minimalism – Clean and contemporary, Maxtop’s Pure White worktops are the modern and minimal way to make a statement within your home.


Make A Statement – The subtle, swirling colours of Tundra bring texture and interest to more minimal spaces for a unique and individual statement.


An Oasis Of Calm – The soft grey base and delicate texture of Warm Grey creates a cool, calming finish for a more relaxed living space.


A Warm, Fresh Feel – Create a cosy, welcoming space with White Jasmine. Its soft, warm tones mix beautifully with natural woods and bring a bright, fresh finish to darker cabinets.


Please familiarise yourself with the below video on how to install Maxtop Quartz worktops.


As seen in the video above, there are accessories required to fit the Maxtop Quartz worktops. Please see below for some accessories to go with your worktops.

Installation Instructions

In addition to the installation video above. Please read the installation instructions below.