Splashpanel Wall Panelling

Designed for walls, Splashpanel is a stylish and cost effective alternative to tiles. The PVC Panels are 100% waterproof – making them perfect for showers, bathrooms and wetrooms. The 10mm thick cellular PVC structure of Splashpanel ensures the panels are hardwearing yet lightweight. The 100% waterproof panels create a fashionable and functional wall covering that’s ideal for shower enclosures, bathrooms and wetrooms. Smooth and easy to clean, with no grout lines, the Splashpanel hygienic, non-porous surface provides excellent protection against bacteria and stains and is mould resistant too.

All colours are 2400mm long and 10mm thick. They come in two widths, 1000mm and 1200mm.

The panels are finished with metal trims and extrusions available in four colours; Aluminium, Black, White or polished silver.

Below is a gallery to provide an impression of the looks that can be achieved using Splashpanel.